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Sand Dunes, Cervantes, WA by Christian Fletcher


Sand Dunes, Cervantes, WA by Christian Fletcher


70 Most Useful Sites on the Internet

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That’s the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end.
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Okay Selfie, you need to stop because we’re only two episodes in, I ship ElizaxHenry harder than ever and straight up cried at the ending. I’m in too deep man.

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I have to say, I was really expecting to hate this show, and to have it be insensitive and one sided, but I was really wrong, and am thrilled because of it! You gotta watch the entire pilot (getting past the first 5 minutes is kinda hard, but it pays off) and be aware. Selfie is My Fair Lady. I…

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I think there are three main issues facing the planet in terms of our water supplies and a global water crisis. One is climate change, one is pollution and one is groundwater over-extraction. Basically, we have the same amount of water on Earth as we’ve had in the time of the dinosaurs, and a lot of people don’t realize that. The problem is that what has changed is where water is located. So climate change moves water, pumping groundwater moves water. But people are not so movable.

Lindsay Abrams in Salon. Water is the new oil: How corporations took over a basic human right

Water has become a commodity, Karen Piper tells Salon, and the world’s poor are paying the price

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There is no realistic way for Americans to climb out of this hole other than by standing together and refusing to allow the oppression to continue.

Kyle Schmidlin at Salon. Give student loans the finger: A new solution to a massive generational outrage

Young people and their future families are being bankrupted. Here’s a radical response to the heist of the century

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A tool to use for find Synonyms: Synonym Finder.

This is a great, unique little tool I found by browsing for writing resources. It’s name speaks for itself: it’s a synonym finder.

The site is clean cut, has soothing colors, and to-the point results for any word you look up.

For example, when I look up the word “romance,” I get this:

Synonyms: romance, romanticism
Definition: an exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)

Hypernyms: quality
Definition: an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
Usage: the quality of mercy is not strained—Shakespeare”

I had no idea what a “hypernym” is. Apparently it’s a word with a more general meaning that a more specific word fall under. Like, color is a hypernym for green.

On the right corner there’s a button to make graphs! So you can trace each synonym from it’s root word, and see how far the other synonyms connect in comparison to others.

I really like it, so I’m going to definitely bookmark it on my writing tools list.

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this little baby is smiling a lot! he did a great job and found around 250,000 tabs of ecstasy!!

that dog is gonna be off his face



this little baby is smiling a lot! he did a great job and found around 250,000 tabs of ecstasy!!

that dog is gonna be off his face

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This week’s diverse new releases are:

The Sorcerer Heir (The Heir Chronicles, Book 5) by Cinda Williams Chima (Disney-Hyperion)

Book Description: The delicate peace between Wizards and the underguilds (Warriors, Seers, Enchanters, and Sorcerers) still holds by the thinnest of threads, but powerful forces inside and outside the guilds threaten to sever it completely.

Emma and Jonah are at the center of it all. Brought together by their shared history, mutual attraction, and a belief in the magic of music, they now stand to be torn apart by new wounds and old betrayals. As they struggle to rebuild their trust in each other, Emma and Jonah must also find a way to clear their names as the prime suspects in a series of vicious murders. It seems more and more likely that the answers they need lie buried in the tragedies of the past. The question is whether they can survive long enough to unearth them.

Old friends and foes return as new threats arise in this stunning and revelatory conclusion to the beloved and bestselling Heir Chronicles series.

How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon (Henry Holt and Co.)

“A racially charged shooting reveals the complicated relationships that surround a popular teen and the neighborhood that nurtured and challenged him. Instead of a gangster after retribution, 16-year-old African-American Tariq Johnson’s killer is a white man claiming to have acted in self-defense. Despite their failure to find a weapon on the black teen, the police release the shooter, rocking the community. … Magoon skillfully tells the story in multiple, sometimes conflicting, voices. This sobering yet satisfying novel leaves readers to ponder the complex questions it raises.” — Kirkus, starred review

Crazy by Linda Vigen Phillips (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers)

“Told in first-person free verse, Crazy is a beautifully written and emotionally impactful novel about growing up around bipolar disorder in a time period when even doctors didn’t truly understand the ramifications of such a disease. Laura’s shame about her family and her guilt for hating her mother for something she cannot control are heartrending. Phillips’s poetry coupled with her personal experiences truly make this a poignant read. It should be in the hands of anyone—teen and adult—who has ever felt powerless at the hands of mental illness.” — School Library Journal

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my mom is on the phone with my dad (a microbiologist) and she told him “go to bed, turn off the computer, and just, just don’t do science. don’t do any science”

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but it’s not about race right?


This is the master post of the new millennium showcasing racism and white supremacy at its finest.

Please stop telling us it’s not about race and to move on cause IT IS and WE WONT until justice is served and equality is established!

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Give yourself a better chance of getting in.
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